Fix corrupted mouse cursor (for ATI video card gamers)

Many ATI video card users have been experiencing mouse cursor corruption for years already. It has been suposedely fix, yet, I am a new victim of this problem while running on the latest ATI AMD Catalyst drivers. Therefor I have decided to make a small app to fix mouse cursor corruption automatically, using a trick some people on the internet found (enabling mouse trails).

Going to mouse settings, and navigating to the mouse trails options tab during an epic Starcraft 2 online battle (where the opponent will unpause the game while you fiddle mouse cursor options) is really frustrating. These are specifically the kind of people this application helps.

For ATI video card users who experience mouse cursor corruption while running certain games, a common fix is to enable mouse trails. While running, this application periodically makes sure mouse trails are active.

Some applications, like Starcraft 2 (and other Blizzard games), disable mouse trails and other features when they start. This application periodically checks for mouse trails to be active, reverting the game's decision.

Here it is:

Installing and using the app

  • Extract the archive contents;
  • Open My Computer.
  • Type shell:startup in the address bar and then press Enter.
  • Copy "FixCorruptedMouseCursor.exe" in the Startup folder and then run the application.

Source code: https://github.com/oxygens/FixCorruptedMouseCursor

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